• Breakfast

    • English breakfast

      English breakfast

      34 AED

      Choice of Eggs served with Baked Beans, Chicken Sausages, Hash Brown, Grilled Mushrooms, toasted bread, choice of Tea/Coffee & Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

    • Indian breakfast

      Indian breakfast

      34 AED

      Masala Omelet served with tomato, onions, green chili, coriander & Aloo Tikki Pate, accompanied with Karak Chai (100% fresh milk) & Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

    • Daddy’s Pancakes

      Daddy’s Pancakes

      27 AED

      Three pancakes infused with maple syrup & topped with mix Fruit Compote

    • Veg. Punjabi Breakfast

      Veg. Punjabi Breakfast

      27 AED
    • Hot Appetizers

    • Wild West Wings

      16 AED
    • Wild West Wings

      Wild West Wings

      19 AED

      Chicken wings tossed in hot buffalo sauce  

      3PCS       19AED

      6PCS        32AED

    • Chicken Strips

      Chicken Strips

      23 AED

      Crunchy breaded chicken tenders with honey mustard and BBQ sauce

    • Vegetable Spring Rolls

      Vegetable Spring Rolls

      16 AED

      Crispy vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce

    • Pasta

    • Alfredo Pasta

      Alfredo Pasta

      32 AED

      Alfredo sauce with wild mushroom served with fresh garlic bread

    • Pretty Pink

      Pretty Pink

      32 AED

      Creamy Tomato sauce, mild chilli served with fresh garlic bread

    • Spaghetti Bolognese

      Spaghetti Bolognese

      43 AED

      Slowly cooked minced Beef in a plum tomatoes sauce

    • Wild Mushroom Risotto

      Wild Mushroom Risotto

      37 AED

      Creamy risotto infused with shiitake and button mushrooms

    • Sea Food Risotto

      Sea Food Risotto

      44 AED

      Creamy tomato sauce infused with mixed sea foods

    • Soups

    • Tom Yum Soup

      Tom Yum Soup

      17 AED

      Tradition Thai soup infused with aromatic herbs and Thai chili

      Vegetables 17 AED

      Chicken 19 AED

      Prawn 24 AED

    • Lentil soup

      Lentil soup

      17 AED

      Homemade lentil soup served with lemon and crouton

    • Salads

    • Caesar Salad

      Caesar Salad

      21 AED

      Roman lettuce tossed with Caesar served with wild mushroom and crouton

      Add on:

      Grilled Chicken Breast 12 AED

      Grilled Shrimps 17 AED

      Greek Salad 18 AED

    • Fattoush Salad

      Fattoush Salad

      21 AED

      Juicy & crunchy salad, combination of aromatic herbs, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, toasted with sumac-pomegranate dressing, garnish with crunchy pita bread

    • Main Course

    • Half KG Prawns

      Half KG Prawns

      69 AED

      500 grams prawns toasted in lemon butter sauce

    • Homemade Butter Chicken

      Homemade Butter Chicken

      44 AED

      Traditional Chicken cooked in creamy buttered gravy served with basmati rice

    • Thai Green Curry

      Thai Green Curry

      39 AED

      Mildly spicy green curry served with Thai Eggplant, Sweet Basil and topped with Coconut Milk served with jasmine rice

      Vegetable      39AED

      Chicken        42AED

      Beef             44AED

      Prawn          49AED

    • Chow Mein Noodles

      Chow Mein Noodles

      39 AED

      Vegetable   39AED

      Chicken       42AED

      Prawn           49AED